Be it fun, drama, dhamaal, dance, or excitement, COLORS’ Dance Deewane has got everything covered. The much-awaited weekend episode will see some interesting guest judges stepping in and upping the entertainment quotient in the show. This time, it will be the veteran superstars Dharmendra and Shatrughan Sinha who will beguile the audiences with some fascinating stories, especially during the Pol-Khol segment of the show! Dharmendra spilled the beans that Shatrughan Sinha’s was always late on the set, followed by some mazedaar kisse. Shatrughan Sinha will do a Pol-Khol for buddy Dharmendra that he was the one who would get all the ladies’ attention with his charm. And Dharmendra will share a fun incident of his, where during filming a fight scene at a height, he while hitting Dharmendra would request the latter to hold his jacket and not let him go as he was scared of height!

Just like always, Host Raghav Juyal will make everyone burst into laughter by doing his Pol-Khol about a mishap during online dating! While judge Tushar Kalia will be pleasantly surprised to see his parents on a video call. Even he will not be spared as his mother will do his Pol-Khol over his quirky eating habits.