Dharti Bhatt enjoyed the recent track wherein she was required to dress up as a male cop.

Dharti Bhatt ‘loves’ to dress up as a man!!

Dharti Bhatt is pretty much enjoying the present track wherein she is required to get dressed as a male!!

We are talking about the track in Star Bharat’s popular and well-rated show, Kya Haal, Mister Panchal (Optimystix) wherein the entire family of Kanhaiya are seen in different get-ups after their house gets sealed!!

Dharti sports the look of the SSP Officer, Rajat Tokas, a typical Haryanvi guy.

The actress is very happy getting into the garb of a man, especially a cop as she has always been fascinated towards playing a male character.

Says the actress, “I love being a male. There is no tension around getting dressed up, and one can show quite a lot of attitude being a man (smiles). I loved my get-up of the SSP which included a wig, beard and a cop’s uniform. As soon as I got into my cop’s get-up, I used to behave like a typical male. The attitude and mannerism of a man came naturally to me (smiles). Even after the scene was shot, I used to hold on to the mannerisms for quite some time. I really enjoyed this track. Speaking the Haryanvi dialect was a great challenge.”

So cute, Dharti!!

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