A Sanskrit tutor was brought on board the show to train the actors in the language.

Diction training for the leads of Star Bharat’s Mayavi Maling

Star Bharat’s new presentation, Mayavi Maling is an upcoming saga of three princesses played by Gracy Goswami, Vaani Sood and Neha Solanki and their fight to save their kingdom.

This show is high on visual effects as it shows a never seen before fantasy world on Indian television. While the appealing VFX will attract everyone’s attention, the actors also seem to be leaving no stone unturned to portray their characters. The actors have undergone complete diction training for the same.

The language used in the show is a mix of Hindi and Sanskrit. Initially the three actresses found it tough to speak it fluently. Hence the director decided to get a Sanskrit tutor to train the girls. The diction training went on for a couple of months even before the actors started shooting for the show.

When contacted, actor Gracy Goswami confirms the story and says, “Yes, we went through diction training for Mayavi Maling. The language and pronunciation of few words are different from the Hindi we speak on a regular basis; so it was a must for all of us. It was challenging initially but the outcome will be appreciated by the audience.”

Gear up for Mayavi Maling on Star Bharat!!

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