Mouni Roy finds ‘Chhoti Mouni’ on the sets of Zee TV’s DID L’il Masters

DID L’il Masters: Mouni Roy finds ‘Chhoti Mouni’ on the sets

Over the last three decades, Zee TV has been instrumental in providing the Indian youth with a global platform to showcase their singing, dancing, and acting talent. The channel’s most iconic dance reality show, Dance India Dance, also revolutionized the landscape of dance in the country when it first began to air in 2009. Over the last 13 years, the platform has stood testimonial to the sheer passion and love that India holds in its heart towards dance. After giving the audience a glimpse of this year’s mind-blowing talent, Zee TV launched its top-rated reality show for the youngest dancing talent in the country – DID L’il Masters Season 5.

With the Fantastic Finale week beginning, viewers are all set to have a gala time watching the top 5 young dancing sensations put on some incredible acts. While the finalists impressed the judges with their performances, it was Rishita’s performance to ‘Chamma Chamma Baje Re’ that reminded Mouni of her childhood. In fact, after the young dancer’s act, Mouni revealed how she feels Rishita is actually ‘chhoti Mouni.’ The popular actress mentioned that she sees herself in the young participant. Mouni had also started her career as a dancer and she feels connected with Rishita. Impressed by her talent, Mouni mentioned during the shoot that she has been in love with her talent since day one.

As Mouni mentioned to Rishita during the shoot, “Now that we are in the finale week, I would like to tell you that I have been really very possessive and protective about you since day one. I don’t know why, but I feel a very different connection with you. Since the day I saw you, and whenever we have had any conversation, you have always reminded me of myself. It’s like you are the childhood version of Mouni Roy. I feel that we both share the simplicity in our hearts, and I associate with that a lot. I am really happy with the way you are using your talent to grow. I am truly proud of your whole journey, starting right from the audition round to reaching the fantastic finale. I am extremely happy to see you perform on this stage every week and I hope you achieve a lot of success and happiness in life.”

While Rishita’s performance made Mouni Roy express her love for the contestant, wait till you watch more such exciting revelations and emotional moments during the Fantastic Finale episode of DID L’il Masters.