Drama time in Bigg Boss house

Deepak’s song makes Dipika emotional in Bigg Boss 12

The housemates of Bigg Boss 12 are keeping the entertainment level one notch up.

On the second day, Sreesanth has threatened to leave the house. Now, Dipika Kakar will become a cry baby.

In the kitchen, Commoner Deepak Thakur from Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, who keeps on singing beautiful songs with his mesmerising voice, is seen humming Sandese Aate Hain. Meanwhile, Dipika is cleaning and Neha is cooking. Initially, Dipika enjoys the song, but she soon asks him to stop and says the song is quite situational.

Deepak suddenly notices tears in Dipika’s eyes, and he asks if she’s crying. Dipika tries to control, but gets teary eyes, saying the song reminds her of someone. It’s not difficult to guess that it’s Shoaib that she’s missing.

Deepak sings more cheerful songs like Laila Main Laila and Dum Maaro Dum to pep her up.

Gear up to see Dipika gulping in her emotions in Bigg Boss on Colors.

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