Recently, when the lead actors of Zee TV’s popular primetime drama Zindagi Ki Mehek, Samiksha Jaiswal and Karan Vohra set off to shoot at a Dargah for an upcoming highpoint in the show, they were least prepared for a most overwhelming reaction from their fans!

The actors literally got mobbed. This incident ultimately led the production house to halt the shooting for a couple of hours. The fans were struggling to catch a glimpse of their favourite actors. The crowd at the Dargah Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki went out of control. Eventually, the police had to be called to clear off the chaos and manage the enthusiastic fans. Needless to say, the on-screen couple has gained much popularity in a short span and have a large fan following.

Confirming the incident, Samiksha who plays the female lead Mehek Sharma said, “Yeah, it’s true. Fans mobbed us while we were shooting at the Dargah. They were flocking around us everywhere we went. They were falling over each other to click photos. Even with security and bodyguards around, it was impossible to move around easily or shoot due to the boisterous crowds. Everywhere I went, people were screaming out my name. I gave more than 100 autographs and clicked countless selfies. Shooting away from the sets is good as it gives us a reality check on how our audiences feel about us. The entire experience was overwhelming as well as exhausting!”

Well, whoever said being a star was easy!