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Kushal Tandon tweeted backing up Hina's argument.

‘Give that girl a break’ – Kushal Tandon backs Hina Khan

Bigg Boss season 11 has divided the audiences & industry alike in camps supporting Vikas Gupta & Hina Khan respectively & it only gets dirties by the day.

Last night’s episode had Hina trying to explain Shilpa to refrain from using Tap water to cook food as she had been facing stomach cramps with later Arshi confessing to Shilpa cooking food using Tap water.

Few television actors who are known to jump the gun started tweeting against Hina Khan & calling her out for making a big deal.

Kushal Tandon who’s not tweeted about the show this season & doesn’t support any camp in particular found it necessary to talk about this episode & tweeted backing up Hina’s argument, he tweeted a note that read, ‘Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comments, hence I don’t comment on Bigg Boss, having said that… today I had to for a human reason, I’m not here to judge anybody but all those people who are saying Hina Khan has a huge problem for not using filtered but tap water for food is a big cry cry… come on this was genuine, I’m sure people who are saying that’s not a big deal, I’m sure they themselves must be washing hands also from Bisleri water from production cost. P.S- Lonavala water is salty & red… so the same water which comes in your washroom comes in kitchen too… so guys take a chill pill & give that girl a break.’

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