Mudit Nayar is super-excited at the moment as he is challenged to go through a transformation in his character in Colors’ Devanshi.

I am looking forward to playing the handicapped man in Devanshi – Mudit Nayar reported exclusively about Mudit Nayar gearing up for a transformation in his character in Colors’ Devanshi (Full House Media).

As per our report, Vardaan played by Mudit will get handicapped post which Devanshi (Helly Shah) will marry him by keeping him in her lap.

With this development Mudit will have to end up living life in a wheel chair in the show.

We hear that Mudit is looking forward to this new challenge in his character.

Says the actor to, “The show and role have been quite challenging for me and it will continue to do so. I was a little sceptical when I was briefed about the story ahead. But now I am very much excited about the story line and the way it has been planned. The journey of this proud man who just a while ago was in his prime, and now is dependent on people for the most basic things, makes the whole plot very interesting. What goes through the mind, the helplessness, the arrogance, the fight makes it all the more interesting now. I will get to portray various kinds of emotions as an actor.”

Ask Mudit on his way of preparing for the role ahead and he states, “I am going through a lot of videos and related movies. I do not get much free time, else I would have loved to meet a few handicapped people and get to know more about them.”

Way to go, Mudit!!

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