Tanvi Thakkar talks to Indianwikimedia.com about her role in the SAB TV show, TV, Biwi aur Main.

I consider my role in TV, Biwi aur Main to be the biggest opportunity to showcase my talent – Tanvi Thakkar

Tanvi Thakkar, who plays the TV heroine in SAB TV’s TV, Biwi aur Main (Shashi Sumeet Productions) is simply enjoying playing the dual-shaded characters, that of the quintessential bahu on-screen and the bitchy head-strong character off the screen!!

Says Tanvi, “You will see actors playing either the dutiful bahu characters or the modern, bitchy girl. But to be playing both kinds of characters at the same time in one show is indeed a rarity. I can say that I am lucky to have got such a character to play. I feel nothing less than a Tulsi Virani when I am playing the heroine of the show (smiles). But the moment the shoot is off, I turn into my bitchy own self, who only knows to throw her weight around and get her things done. The best part is that my character sees the husband in the show (Karan Goddwani) as her biggest enemy once the shoot is off. However, while the camera rolls, she is such a sati savitri.”

Tanvi who has earlier enjoyed the genre of comedy with Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant feels that TV, Biwi and Main is very differently placed in terms of its concept. “I consider this to be my biggest opporutinty to showcase my talent. No other character in the show has so many variations to provide when compared to mine. Above all, I am very sure that this show will give me the acknowledgement. I am working to my best potential. In fact, the workaholic in me is fanatic when it comes to reaching the sets before time. I am there on the set nearly one hour before my call time. I go through my reading and dressing, and I am all ready before time (smiles). In fact, people on my set ask me why I don’t spend much time at my house.”

Tanvi wants to meet and shoot with actors Shruti Seth and Madhuri Sanjeev who play the wife and mother of the main lead (Karanveer Mehra). “Shruti and I have meaty roles, but it is a pity that we don’t shoot together. She her her scenes mostly at home, while I have mine on the sets. But I would like to shoot with her some day. Also, Madhuriji is adorable, and whenever I get time to catch up with the show, I love seeing her in action. The way she says that her son has to get married to a girl like Bindiya (Tanvi’s character) is adorable.”

Tanvi, enjoy your role to the fullest!!

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