Actress Shruti Rawat who essays the role of Jigna in Colors’ Bhaag Bakool Bhaag (Edit II) is a total contrast when it comes to her on-screen character and her real self.

Her onscreen character believes a lot in myths and superstitions and does not shy away from closing one eye, standing on one leg etc to win the love of her husband. However, in real life, Shruti being the typical today’s girl does not believe in myths. “I am the daughter of an army officer, and I have got a complete urban schooling and lifestyle throughout my life. I am not at all like the character I play. I never believe in myths. But yes, I do believe in karma and believe in the saying that what you do will come back to you.”

Elaborating more on her very different lifestyle in real life, the actress states, “I have a very short boy-cut under my long hair that I use to portray Jigna. While she is a typical village girl, I have tattoos all over my body. I have a tattoo on my hand, leg and neck.”

Shruti has been part of the comedy genre for a long time now. And she does not regret to have chosen comedy again in Bhaag Bakool Bhaag. “I have done nearly 4-5 comedy shows till now. I enjoy playing the roles that are offered in comedy shows. I am happy when I make people happy. Their smile gives me the motivation to work harder.”

Shruti feels she is a blessed girl both in real life as well as in her career. “I have never got a mother-in-law who conspires against me, in any of my shows. And this is a rarity considering the kind of shows that we see today (smiles). Even in real life, I have a gem of a lady as my mother-in-law. And in Bhaag Bakool Bhaag too, my mother-in-law is so very adorable.”

As of now, Shruti is enjoying her stint in the Colors show but will love to explore other genres too in the near future.

Here’s wishing you luck, Shruti!!