In a freaky accident on the set, Deshna and Khalid suffered injuries. But the unbeatable energy level of Deshna took everyone by surprise.

Deshna Dugad is an inspiration on the sets of Mariam Khan

Child artiste Deshna Dugad is a brave girl indeed!! And she proved this to one and all on the set of Mariam Khan – Reporting Live, the Star Plus show.

We hear that actor Khalid Siddiqui and Deshna who play the father and daughter in the show had a major fall owing to which both got injured.

News coming in is that Deshna in fact hurt her head, and had to go through 5 stitches. But soon after getting the adequate treatment and stitches, she was back on set, all ready to shoot her next shot. As for Khalid, he too sustained injuries when the accident happened.


As per a reliable source, “The girl is an inspiration on the set. Her eagerness to work and complete deadlines and targets is always seen.”

We buzzed Mariam but could not get through for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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