There was a time in human history when the Internet generation tuned in to watch television every week for one hour, voluntarily. Here are some of the most interesting and hilarious contestants on Roadies over the years.

The most interesting and hilarious contestants on Roadies over the years

The time used to be 7 pm and the day used to be Saturday. Youngsters, from All around the world, took positions in front of their television sets only to watch Raghu and Rajiv, the uncongenial twin brothers, go on moral rants to “morally corrupt” contestants.

That was exactly the time when almost every youngster wanted to become a Roadie. That was the first career decision they took before eventually applying for engineering colleges. Or MBA maybe?

But Roadies was not only a TV show back then. For teenagers at the time, it was an obsession and kind of an addiction too. Be it From online videos to online MTV communities, the youth participated in everything related to Roadies, that was the craze at the time.

Every time there are different types of people who come to roadies. Some with a purpose, some for fun, some to actually achieve something while sow to just get whatever fame they can. The judges also never fail to spice up the auditions rounds by constantly screwing with the youth for the good, bad and the ugly of the Indian society, which makes it all the funnier.
Roadies have seen a lot of contestants who only come to the show for whatever little fame they can get and they are extremely hilarious as they do anything for little fame. Well, it’s pretty good though… after some actually intense and emotional auditions, some funny ones are actually good not only for the audience but also for the judges.

There were once a set of 3 girls who had arrived on the stage together but something seemed off about them. But we soon have seen that the 3 girls were cast members of an upcoming show on MTV and their appearance as contestants to promote their own show was humiliating to the legacy of the Roadies.

Well, some people are weird.

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