When The Cute Couple Made Our Faces Turn A Shade Of Pink

Kamya Punjabi And Her Beau Shalabh Dang’s Cute Pictures That Made Us Blush

Kamya Punjabi is one of the most-loved television stars in the country. She has been in a relationship with Shalabh Dang for quite some time. The couple recently made it official that they will be tying the knot next year. Fans are ecstatic to hear that their favourite actress is soon going to be married and we too just can’t stop gushing about it. The couple really does share quite an impressive chemistry.

Fans and paparazzi do almost anything to catch a glimpse of the adorable couple. When we finally do get pictures, we just cannot stop awwwing at them. The couple also shares pictures on Instagram, which we wait for so eagerly. Recently, the actress shared pictures on her Instagram account of them enjoying a vacation in Dubai and fans just can’t stop commenting and talking about the picture. The couple sure does look like they are meant to be together. The actress also shared pictures of the birthday celebrations of her beau Shalabh Dang recently and they are just too cute for us to handle. The pictures of the couple that we get from time to time, make us feel all warm in our hearts and happy for them.

We hope to see the couple stay happy for many years to come, so that we just can’t stop admiring them. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on your favorite celebs.

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