Kartikey Malviye fascinated with the ‘high-tech’ gift from the Producers of Colors’ Karmphal Data Shani

Child artist Kartikey Malviye who very effectively plays Shani in Colors’ Karmphal Data Shani feels excited to play with his new gift, the high-tech drone...

Kartikey Malviye fascinated with the ‘high-tech’ gift from the Producers of Colors’ Karmphal Data Shani

Kartikey Malviye, the child artist who very effectively essays the role of Shani in Colors and Swastik Producitons’ popular show Karmphal Data Shani is a pampered child on the sets.

Each kid has his / her favourite toy, one that they cannot live without. It could be a toy car or a cool action figure or even a doll!!

But if you ask Kartikey Malviye, the child actor the same question, he will tell you that his current favourite toy is his brand-new drone which was recently gifted to him by the show’s makers, Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Rahul Tewary.

Kartikey has been receiving a lot of appreciation for his portrayal of young Shani  in the magnum opus Karmphal Data Shani. And, for the extraordinary efforts the young actor puts in for his role, he has definitely become the apple of not only the nation’s eye, but also that of the show’s production team.

We hear that the young actor was recently in for a surprise when the production team saw his love for flying gadgets and decided to gift him a high-tech drone. Between shots, Kartikey along with his child co-stars Praneet Sharma (Kaakol), Devish Ahuja (Yam) and Dhrisha Kalyani (Yami) often play many kinds of games and have recently started taking his new gizmo out for a spin around the sets.

Describing Kartikey’s reaction on receiving this unique gift, a source from the set, said, “Kartikey is very fascinated by gadgets that can fly.  Be it a toy helicopter that his father gifted him, or this done that Siddharth sir sent for him, he’s always kicked about playing with the technology. When he opened the packaging for the drone, he immediately called up Siddharth (Kumar Tewary) sir to thank him for this special gesture. While he is still learning to fly the drone, it won’t be long before Kartikey will master the gizmo entirely.”

Stay blessed, Kartikey!!

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