Whenever these shows are involved in TRP charts, both shows have been on the prime of the sport always, Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya. Both these shows air on Zee TV and have been reigning the TRP lists for a very long time. While typically we see Kumkum Bhagya take the primary spot, most of the time Kundali Bhagya is seen dominating different shows each day to take the throne. Kundali Bhagya is a spin-off show of Kumkum Bhagya and has launched three years ago.

In very less time, Kundali Bhagya craved a distinct segment for itself and began competing with its sister-show and various other daily soaps to maintain upon this extremely competitive field of numbers. Though each of them is primarily based on love tales with amazingly portrayed characters, everyone brings different magic onscreen.

Kundali Bhagya revolves Preeta aka Shraddha Arya and Karan aka Dheeraj Dhoopar, who play the leads in the show. Karan and Preeta started their journey as strangers, then grew to become pals and at last, turned hubby and wife.

The delightful evolution of their relationship with break-ups and make-ups has touched many hearts, and their story is relatable. The younger couple’s romance is awe-inspiring; however, you can’t afford to overlook their cute NOK-JHOK additionally.

On the opposite hand, we now have Abhi, performed by Shabbir Ahluwalia and Pragya, essayed by Sriti Jha’s love and hate relationship. While Abhi is a dashing Rockstar with an unabashed angle, Pragya is a straightforward woman with unusual maturity and composure.

Right from tackling hurdles collectively to retaining their household unity, they’ve achieved all of it collectively and woven a wonderful and mature love story. But, repeatedly, we see their foes planning towards them and getting them separated.

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