Take a look at the moment when Preeta called Karan 'badtameez' in Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya: When Preeta called Karan ‘badtameez’

Kundali Bhagya couple Karan and Preeta’s strong chemistry grabs the attention of all their fans, and we are sure that many of you yearn for the same chemistry and love. Karan and Preeta’s life is full of trouble as their love never has blossomed. Even though they have always been at loggerheads, their anger does not spark high as deep down they are in love.

This jodi started off as strangers, then became friends to best friends, and are now married to each other. They had a superb evolution in the relationship with lots of break-ups and make-ups. However, when they were at loggerheads before their fights were worth watching.

Recently, we came across a video wherein, Preeta is standing on the streets and Karan pass by her in a car. He splashes sludge and water on Preeta which irks her and she calls him ‘badtameez’. The scene is adorable. Take a look…

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