Getting ready for Veerbhadra avatar took Malkhan Singh up to 5 hours daily

Malkhan Singh takes 5 hours to look like Veerbhadra in Vighnaharta Ganesha

Shows now-a-days greatly focus on perfecting the looks of their actors. Actors, also tend to give their 100 percent for the look of a particular character, they feature in. Critics have also lately focused on the character sketch and its justification with the look that the actor carries. Also, the importance of the look increases as it comes to mythological or historical shows, as these shows leave a very little chance of innovation and one has to perfect the look that has been already defined by the world.

Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological saga is at its entertaining best where Raavan (played by Paras Chabra) is seen narrating stories of Lord Shiva’s 19 grand avatars to Ganesha. The track simultaneously shows the depiction of 19 avatars of Shiva, played by Malkhan Singh. In the upcoming track, Malkhan Singh will be seen essaying the role of Shiva’s Veerbhadra avatar.

The avatar of God is characterized by blue skin and various other improvisations in skin and hair. Also, there is use of heavy jewelry that involves the use of false skulls and other required objects. Getting ready for this avatar took Malkhan up to 5 hours daily. During the tenure of its shoot of 15 days, Malkhan used to reach the sets as early as 5:00 am to be set for the role by 10:00 am.

When contacted Malkhan says, “The 15 days of shooting Veerbhadra avatar were highly exhausting owing to the preparations the character needed. I used to reach the set by 5 am in the morning to get ready for the shoot that used to start at 10 am in the mornings and continued till 9 pm or 10 pm in the night. The phase was both physically and mentally tiring for me because the character also required me to show aggression, unlike my natural self.

I am a very calm and a peace-loving person and the emotions that I had to portray required a lot of preparations mentally while physical exhaustion occurred owing to the daily shifts that measured more than 12 hours. My gym hours also suffered a lot on those days, so even after the completion of the shoot, I could not rest as my gym hours increased to make up for the 15 days’ loss.”’

Watch Malkhan Singh in the role of Lord Shiva’s Veerbhadra Avatar in Vighnaharta Ganesh at 7:15 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

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