The drama has just unfolded in MTV Splitsvilla X3 and it only gets more intense from here. Post the much hyped entry of the Wild Villains in the villa, things don’t seem to be all fine with the other contestants who are a part of the Silver and Gold villa. While Nikhil Chinapa dropped this bomb last week, this week’s episode will prove to be an entertaining one for the viewers! 

Further to this revelation, you will see the Splitsvillians getting in action with their plan of manipulating Sapna and Devashish to join their gangs. But before it could even progress, the tables turn and we witness Sapna and Devashish adding on to the woes of the contestants. In an unusual course of events, Devashish will be seen reaching out to the girls for toothpaste, hair dryer and hair brush! Weird, isn’t it? Furthermore, he goes on to sneak around and instigate a fight between the two groups. 

And if that was not enough to make you frown, Sapna will be seen making plans of throwing away someone’s clothes in the swimming pool and getting the handsome hunks to her side. Is this strange for real or do you smell a game plan here? These activities are sure to unsettle the Splitsvillains and make them even more anxious about the game as it progresses. In addition to the game dynamics, the entry of Wild Villains will also affect the connections that have started to bloom now. Whose match will crumble and who will form a new bond? Will the chocolate boy Vymoesh, who has already had a history with Bhumika and Arushi, find the spark with Sapna? Also, now that Avantika is with Nikhil in the Golden Villa and post what happened in the last dome session, will Gary be seen making a new connection? 

For the first time ever, Splitsvilla was divided into two villas – Gold Villa and Silver Villa basis commitment and connection. To that Nikhil Chinapa added a wild twist with Wild Villa.

Wild Villa was a parallel villa to the main villa which gave handsome hunks and gorgeous ladies an equal opportunity to make it to Splitsvilla. There’s no love, no need to partner up, just the need to defeat each other at any cost. The show had no rules, giving the contestants a chance to do whatever they want and run free with their imagination. The title of the show nails the concept perfectly, the show was bold and spirited like never before. Wild Villa was airing on Voot.