On the face, Annika the lead protagonist of Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz appears very different, a bahu with a modern outlook. Her ‘Nayi Soch’ regarding the surname liberation is indeed commendable

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‘Surname’ gives every woman her own identity!! And for every woman (mostly in India), there comes a phase in her life wherein she has to go through the transition of leaving behind the surname that she carried from birth, only to cling on to a new surname which gets attached to her name (either a gleeful addition or a painful move) post her marriage!!

Yes, this indeed can be really painful if you have a liberated thought!!

And this liberated thought is what we are witnessing right now in Star Plus’ popular show, Ishqbaaaz wherein the female protagonist has mustered courage to challenge the very basis of this feudalism.

And this comes across as a ‘Nayi Soch’ that Star Plus has come up with…

Living in an age where surname is actually the basis of every marriage, Ishqbaaaz throws in the huge thought, and never ever has been a heroine who has challenged this usual norm that prevails in the Indian society. Three cheers to the 4 Lions Films team to have conveyed this though through Annika…

Of course, Annika, essayed by Surbhi Chandna has been very different from the other bahus seen on TV!! She provides the fitting example of an Indian bahu with a modern outlook. That Annika is the only bahu in the entire GEC setup who wears jeans and off shoulders even after she has become a ‘bahu’ speaks highly about the character. This in itself is a ‘Nayi Soch’!!  And now to throw a question at the society about giving too much importance to ‘surname’, has indeed taken her character levels higher.

And here we have a girl who does not want to be known as Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, and wishes to just stay as Annika.

With Annika’s popularity soaring higher and higher, this ‘Nayi Soch’ has indeed been delivered with a powerful punch!!

We at Indianwikimedia.com buzzed Annika aka Surbhi for a thought on this, but she remained unavailable for comment.

All we can say is that though Ishqbaaaz is known for its fast paced story line, hot looking lead faces and their characteristic styles, the razzmatazz, the twists and turns, one must not underestimate the true subtext and the magnanimity of the message that the channel and makers are conveying through Annika….

Bravo Annika, as your thought is very much appreciated!!

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