Hey Naagin 3, can we see some originality please?

Naagin 3 copies scenes from Baahubali. Take a Look!

Indian Television has seen some excellent shows and some really bizarre content that had us going ‘WTF’.  From Simar turning into a house-fly, the many daayans, chudails and shape-shifting naagins, the audience has seen it all happening on the small-screen.

And even through all the mindless and bizarre plotlines of these TV shows has seen people shift focus to far more interesting web content, there are still those who find absolute pleasure in experience the craziness happening on Indian TV.

Naagin 3 copies scenes from Baahubali. Take a Look!

And if the amount of creatures seen in our television serials is anything to go by, the supernatural genre sure seems to be a favorite among creators.

The more wacky the story, more is the curiosity and higher the TRP.

For instance, Ekta Kapoor’s TV serial Naagin 3 enjoying the top spot on TRP ratings, every week. In fact, the show is so well-loved that it has enjoyed two previous installments on the small screen with rumors of a fourth installment doing the rounds.

Naagin alone saw a variety of animals in all three installations, like remember when Rajat Tokas turned into a mongoose or when Aly Goni entered the show only to turn into a vulture. And more recently, we were surprised to see our very own version of Wolverine, Hukum played by Ishqbaaz actor Shourya Lathur. Right from the claws to the scratch marks, the character adaption was eerily similar and not in a good way either.

No, we are not complaining about similarity. Yes, we are aware it happens with other shows too. But is it so difficult to ensure that at least the storyline is believable? Let’s face it, when all else fails, makers go back to the same old, rinse & repeat formula to get their viewers back. The recurring references in the TV show, more than anything else tell you that they lack originality.

One latest scene from Naagin 3 took us straight to a popular scene from the super hit movie Bahubali.

Naagin 3 copies scenes from Baahubali. Take a Look! 1

An upcoming Naagin 3 episode will see Bela trying to save Vishakha’s baby girl from Hukum aka the Indian Wolverine who wanted a boy. And in a bid to do so she can be seen walking across the river with the baby in hand to reach the Bholenath temple on the other side to seek strength in saving the child.

Naagin 3 copies scenes from Baahubali. Take a Look! 2

Sound familiar?

Naagin 3 copies scenes from Baahubali. Take a Look! 3

Well, the scene is a replica of a popular scene in Bahubali. Remember how Sivagami rescued baby Baahubali by crossing a river in order to save his life.

One can only wonder when soap-opera makers put in the effort to come up with something imaginative yet unique to entertain the audience!

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