Nasirr Khan’s inspiration teaches him the way forward to play the lawyer in Laado.

Nasirr Khan draws inspiration from a real-life lawyer for his role in Colors’ Laado

Actor Nasirr Khan has been brought on board the Colors show, Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani (Dhaval Gada Productions) to play the role of a high-profile lawyer who will be the only connecting link to the past and the present phases of the story line!!

Playing a lawyer comes with a lot of responsibilities, according to Nasirr. And to play this role, the actor has drawn inspiration from a real time lawyer who is very professional and renowned in his career domain!!

Says Nasirr to, “It is true that I have derived inspiration from a lawyer, but I cannot mention the name. See as humans and as characters, we get affected by situations and we react. But for lawyers, their job is not to react. If you observe, you will never know what a lawyer is thinking because they never let the expressions out. I have taken a leaf out of this, and have decided to portray the role in a similar manner. I have studied the lawyer closely and have learnt from him to not react. We as actors are paid to react. But their profession and for example a doctor, are very matter of fact.”

“So it is a bit difficult for me to play a character where I cannot react. In TV we want drama. So as an actor, I face a tricky situation right now. But I look forward to putting my best foot forward,” adds the actor.

Way to go, Nasirr!!


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