A rare feat as Indian TV super hero Mohana of the show Nazar makes it to the birthday cakes of kids… Read details here.

Nazar superhero Mohana makes it to kids’ birthday cakes

Nazar the popular supernatural show on Star Plus produced by Gul Khan’s banner 4 Lions Films has achieved a very rare feat which is a one-of-its-kind achievement!!

The show and its very popular character of Mohana played by Monalisa have made it to the kids’ birthday cakes!!

And this is the first time ever that such a cute incident has happened in Indian television.

Amidst the Spiderman, Superman, Dora and Sofia cakes that the kids ask for during their birthdays, Mohana of Nazar is the first Indian TV superhero to have made her mark on the birthday cakes of kids….


The cake here looks amazing, and Nazar’s Mohana has worked really hard to make it to the fantasy world of the kids….

We buzzed Monalisa to know her thoughts on this proud achievement but could not get through to her.

Indeed a remarkable feat for the Indian TV superhero to have made such a huge impact in the minds of the kids….

As we know, Nazar has been entertaining audiences for one year now. Monalisa as Mohana has become hugely popular. Harsh Rajput and Niyati Fatnani play the leads of Nazar.

Bravo, Team Nazar!!

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