From all the stresses we have seen flaunting their splendid acting skills on Indian actresses, there are only a few who have stolen our hearts with their cuteness as well. We too know two such actresses but cannot seem to choose the cuter one among them and here is where we need your help.

Niti Taylor VS Rubina Dilaik: The ultimate cuteness battle

Niti Taylor is by far one of the most loved actresses on screen. The actress was seen on MTV’s famous show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan and then went on to shows like Ishqbaaz and Laal Ishq. She is loved for her cute features like her precious smile, round dark eyes and not to forget her luscious locks. The actress is also seen wearing the cutest of outfits in mostly monochrome colours.

On the other hand we have Rubina Dilaik who is one of the finest actresses that we have ever known. The star was loved ever since she first appeared on screen. We have seen her in serials like Choti Bahu and Shakti and many others. However she is also loved for her cute features like her doe like eyes, flawless skin and super bright smile. She is also known to wear dual toned outfits that are mostly in light colours and match her perfectly.

We think both these actresses are equally good and hence cannot seem to choose between them as to who is cuter than the other. Hence we are asking you to let us know below who you think is the winner of this battle.

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