Tushar Khanna who plays the male protagonist's brother in Zee TV's Piyaa Albela has got the results of maintaining a strict diet and fitness regime.

Piyaa Albela actor Tushar Khanna gets leaner and fitter…

Having been appreciated for his role in ZEE TV’s latest romantic offering Piyaa Albela, model-turned actor Tushar Khanna is on a winning spree. The actor who plays the lead protagonist Naren’s younger brother Mayank on the show has been on a muscle-building spree. The handsome boy was chubby before his acting debut but with his rigorous work out and a strict diet regimen, he has lost fat, shed 9 kilos, gained muscles and is looking all lean and chiselled for his latest role!

Speaking about his transformation, Tushar shares, “When Sooraj Sir signed me for the project, I was on the heavier side. For my character, I had to look younger and hence had to be on the leaner side. The idea was not to look like a beefy gym-built dude but a fit, athletic guy who looks great because of a well-maintained, lean physique. These days, I follow a strict diet and avoid the set food. I eat six home-cooked meals only and working out regularly has become a habit for me now.”


(Leaner and fitter)


He also added, “Despite the busy shoot schedules, I make sure that I work out at least an hour every day. It is difficult to build eight pack abs and to maintain them is even more difficult. I follow strict rules so that I don’t lose my eight packs.”

These days, I follow a strict diet and avoid the set food

In the upcoming episodes of Piyaa Albela, Naren will give up on his life and will join a Padyatra wearing Jogi attire to find the answers of life. On the other hand, Pooja and Mayank will be shocked to see Naren dressed as Swami Vivekanand. Naren’s feet will be hurt by the pebbles as he would be barefoot. Mayank will try his best to keep his brother safe and will start throwing pebbles to the side. Naren is about to fall from the edge but Pooja and Mayank will somehow manage to save him. Pooja who is continuously trying her best to bring Naren back to the real world has been largely unsuccessful.

What will Pooja do next to  bring Naren back to his house?


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