Meet the newest best friends in the telly town, Priya Tandon and Shruti Prakash.

Priya Tandon and Shruti Prakash of Saathiya ‘connected’ by a heart…

It’s eternal bliss when you find your soul sister as your co-actor on the show you are working in!!

The same has happened with actors Priya Tandon and Shruti Prakash, Sameera and Sita of Star Plus’ popular show, Saathiya produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions.

While they are the best of buddies off the screen, they are complete contrasts when in character.

Priya and Shruti share the same room and have bonded really well in quick time!!

In fact, people on the set actually refer to them as ‘sisters’. And the girls have actually started feeling that they are indeed sisters with different mothers.

So sweet!!

Says Priya, “It is really a coincidence that we have the same likes and dislikes. We have a lot in similar when it comes to our lifestyle. You will not believe when I tell you that we both have a fascination for heart-shaped rings. I have a heart ring on my finger for years now, and the same holds good for Shruti too. We both don’t like the same veggies. We behave and act very similarly. We are on fire when we are together.”

Ask her what she likes in Shruti the most and Priya is quick to say, “Well, she is very helpful and nice. I have learnt a lot from her in the last few days.”

Aww! Very nice…

Priya and Shruti are in fact planning to paint the town red, the next time they have an off day. Also, they are eager to spend a weekend together so that they cherish the happiness of friendship all the more…

Here’s wishing the girls great friendship ahead.

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