Kanwar is in love with photography…

Revealed: Kanwar Dhillon’s secret talent

We all are aware of Kanwar Dhillon’s acting prowess and have enjoyed watching his spectacular performances in shows like  Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, Hum Hain Na and Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee. However, we have learnt that he has other hidden talents as well which are finding proper expression these days.

Well, the ace actor has now turned a photographer on the sets of his current ongoing show, Ek Aastha… A cast from the set shared that whenever Kanwar gets some time he starts clicking pictures. While Manasi Salvi and Abhinav Kapoor pose as models Kanwar clicks them like a total pro.

When we contacted Kanwar to know more about his photography hobby, he said, “I have always been interested in photography. Nowadays I keep busy with shoot, so don’t find much time to do photography, hence whenever I have a breather in between my shots I start capturing moments. I started clicking pictures almost everywhere, on the sets, on the roads, and with each day and each click I got better. You can say I am addicted to photography now.”

He continued, “I love to click pictures… specially on the sets. I love natural beauty and animals, it’s so soothing, so captivating. I not only capture nature, but click behind the scenes stuff as well. All my clicks are from my phone Note 5. Sometimes, I keep my phone on timer and click my pictures as unfortunately there is no one on set who can capture my moments (laughs).”

Way to go Kanwar!!

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