The day was made for Rohan Mehra when his girl friend Kaanchi Singh visited him on the set of his show recently!!

Rohan Mehra gets a ‘surprise visitor’ on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka

Rohan Mehra, the heart-throb of one and all is enjoying a fabulous time on the sets of Colors’ popular show, Sasural Simar Ka (Rashmi Sharma Productions), with the track focussing on him and his master-mind games!!

Amidst the intense shoot, Rohan had a reason to smile recently when he had a surprise visitor on sets!!

And that was none other than his girl friend, Kaanchi Singh!!

While it was a pleasant surprise for Rohan to have Kaanchi on the set, the visit to the sets of Sasural Simar Ka was nostalgic for the girl!! The reason being that she was once part of the show, in the character of Cherry.


A source from the set of Sasural Simar Ka tells us, “It was a very sweet incident as Kaanchi got lunch for Rohan. She stayed on the set with Rohan for nearly two hours.”

When contacted, Rohan told, “Yes, it is true. I actually told Kaanchi on the day that I had not brought lunch. And in few hours, she came to the set with food. And this was a huge surprise for me (smiles). I simply loved the surprise. Also, this set was special for her as she was part of Sasural Simar Ka five years back.”

When asked about the yummy lunch that Kaanchi served for him, Rohan said, “Well, she brought my favourite butter chicken for me (smiles).”

Cute Jodi, stay blessed!!

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