Rohit Khurana scares the hell out of Tinaa Dutta with a ghost prank on the sets of Karamphal Data Shani

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Dishy actor, Rohit Khurana, may be adept at playing intense, though-provoking characters on screen, but is actually a prankster at heart.

And he demonstrated his pranking skills with deadly accuracy on the sets of the popular Colors’ mythological show, Karamphal Data Shani. The target of his prank was none other than Tinaa Dattaa, who plays Dhamini to Khurana’s Shani, in the show.

Initially, he spread the rumour that the hotel where the cast was put up was haunted by a ghostly spirit. And when everybody was convinced about the story, he told Tinaa, mid-way between a shot, that he could see something lurking behind her– something that looked like a ghostly apparition. He pretended to be really frightened by the apparition.

That was it. Totally spooked out by Rohit’s convincing show, the poor girlgot so scared of the “ghost” that she lost her nerve and cool on the set.

Not content with snaring one victim, Rohit repeated the prank onSachin Yadav, the actor who plays his on-screen brother Yam, on the show. And the really hilarious part was that Sachin Yadav was so alarmed by the presence of the supposed ghostly spirit, that he coerced a crew member to stay overnight with him in his room.

Reminiscing on the fun prank, Rohit says, “Yes, I did play a prank on her when it was her close up shot. Before this, I had spread the rumour that there is a bhoot ka saaya where we stay. And during that shot, I looked behind her and said that I just saw a parchhai. And she really got shit scared.”

He adds, guffawing, “I played the same prank with Yam, who is playing my brother in the show. After pack-up, he really had to convince a dress dada to stay overnight with him.”

Tch, tch, Rohit. Not a good thing to do to poor Tinaa. But, we guess, your shenanigans cheered up the atmosphere on the sets, right? Carry on, bro!

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