Sabyasachi is ‘double-sided’, claims Priyank in the Bigg Boss house

Priyank will question the loyalty of Sabyasachi and will talk against him..

Sabyasachi is ‘double-sided’, claims Priyank in the Bigg Boss house

The mind games that happen inside the Bigg Boss house indeed tests the mental strength and endurance of an individual!!

In tonight’s episode, Priyank who has always managed to be the centre of attraction in the house, will sit and gossip about the attitude of Sabyasachi in the house!!

As we know, a kind of groupism has happened in the Bigg Boss house wherein the contestants have gotten themselves in two different sides. While Team Hina has Luv, Priyank and Benafsha who usually sit and chat together, there is Team Aakash in which Shilpa, Arshi, Puneesh and Bandgi gang up together!!

Now Priyank will wonder about the stand taken by Sabyasachi and will point out to his fellow mates (Hina and team) that Sabyasachi is present and sits up with both the teams without making up his mind. Priyank will call Sabyasachi as a ‘double-sided’ person and will warn his gang to be careful with him, as he has it in him to take matters of the group and convey it to the other team.

Will Sabyasachi read Priyank’s mind?

Let us watch and see the episode in Bigg Boss.

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