The mood of all contestants lightens with Sabyasachi giving them a Diwali food treat..

Sabyasachi’s ‘apple pie’ Diwali treat in the Bigg Boss house…

It’s time for Diwali and the contestants of Colors’ Bigg Boss seem to have got a time-out from the constant fights that happen in the house!!

Well, that’s indeed good news as the contestants will be seen in a happy mood, as they enjoy the festive ambience of Diwali!!

When there is good food available at the counter, the rejoicement certainly doubles up.. And this is exactly what the Padosi turned contestant, Sabyasachi Satpathy achieved on the big day.

We hear that Sabyasachi who has from the start of the show shown his great culinary skills, took to preparing a special dish to celebrate Diwali.

And the yummy apple pies that he made indeed lightened the mood of one and all in the house…

We get to hear that all the contestants enjoyed the food time to their hearts’ content, as they relished and tasted the delicious pies.

Job well done, mate!! Easier to connect to everyone’s hearts through the stomach…

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