Naamkarann and the sad scenes from the show touch our hearts!!

These Saddest Scenes of Naamkarann Will Leave You Shocked!!

Naamkarann the Star Plus show which was aired earlier has been evergreen with respect to its concept and story narrative!!

The show which started off as the journey of Avni who is the illegitimate child takes its shape through all the hardships and clauses that the societal pressures put on her and her family!!

The show post its leap focused on Avni and Neil and their love story which gets amalgamated in between Avni’s life struggles.

Actors Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore played their parts really well. Their love scenes hit its peak and their emotional scenes also were a hit.

We are now focusing on the sad scenes in the show!!

Have you all loved these scenes and tracks in the show?

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