Pratik Sehajpal is one of the most popular and talented personalities that we have around in the Hindi TV and digital entertainment industry. Ever since he became a part of Bigg Boss OTT show, his fandom and popularity hit a new high for real in the true sense of the term. Right now, he’s seen in the popular TV reality show aka KKK 12 and without any element of doubt, his fandom and popularity has hit new highs in the true sense of the term. Ever since he returned to India from South Africa, the attention has been on him for real and we love every bit of it, don’t we?

So, what’s the latest happening at their end ladies and gentlemen? Well, much to the delight of one and all, we see Pratik doing a happy and wonderful romantic dancer with a special girl in front of the paparazzi and we bet you will love every bit of it. Take a look below –

View Instagram Post 1: Scoop: Who's the new girl in KKK 12 contestant Pratik Sehajpal's life? See viral romantic dance

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