Who do you think has the best expression while delivering an emotional scene - Shivangi Joshi's Naira Vs Jennifer Winget's Maya Vs Sriti Jha's Pragya?

Shivangi Joshi’s Naira Vs Jennifer Winget’s Maya Vs Sriti Jha’s Pragya: Best expressions of sadness?

A versatile actor is one that says it all with facial expressions. Television is home to versatile actors that have taken the acting craft to another level. Many actors in TV are known for their signature mannerisms and gestures that come to life with varied facial expressions.

Our leading ladies Shivangi Joshi, Jennifer Winget, Sriti Jha are known for their versatility. They play lead roles in three popular TV shows and are ruling everyone’s heart with their acting and expression.

Shivangi as Naira pulls off an emotional scene with ease. Naira has seen so many ups and downs that Shivangi has become a pro in bringing the best expression.

On the other hand, the fierce Maya aka Jennifer Winget has also rocked in every scene. She makes people cry but when she cries, we feel it and get emotional too.

Lastly, Sriti as Pragya is also great with her emotional scenes. She has lost her daughter in the show and separated from her husband. The actress delivered perfect scenes which made us cry as well.

However, who do you think has the best expression while delivering an emotional scene? Comment below

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