Sooraj (Barjatya) Sir’s ‘complimentary’ messages motivate me as an actor – Samridh Bawa

Samridh Bawa talks about the appreciations he has received from his Producer.

Sooraj (Barjatya) Sir’s ‘complimentary’ messages motivate me as an actor – Samridh Bawa

Samridh Bawa, Karan of Colors’ popular show Ek Shirngaar – Swabhimaan (Rajshri Productions) feels that he has now gotten into the skin of his role so much that every one on the set trust and believe that he knows his character in and out.

Says Samridh, “There are a lot of inputs and nuances that I keep adding to my character. I usually take the help of my director when it comes to adding certain mannerisms. However, my team allows me to incorporate whatever I want because they now believe that I know Karan thoroughly. It feels great when you get appreciated for whatever you do.”

Talking about being appreciated, Samridh stresses on the aspect that the production house, especially Sooraj Barjatya makes it a point to appreciate the good work of his cast and crew wherever needed. “Sooraj Sir is really great when it comes to taking note of a person’s good work whether it is an actor or crew member. Whenever he likes any scene, he immediately makes it a point to send a complimentary message to the actor through the creative in charge. Many actors and crew members in our unit get these messages. I have received his messages nearly 4-5 times till now. The most memorable message that I got from him was for a sequence wherein I had no dialogue, and my expressions needed to do the talking. He had very beautifully explained the sequence in his message and appreciated the talent in me. It feels good when you receive such positive feedback.”

Way to go, Samridh!!

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