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Kulfi and her friends are a family of their own and they never fail to bring a smile on our faces with their solid friendship

All the times Kulfi’s friends redefined friendship on the show

Ever since it first premiered last year, Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala has only raised in popularity and subsequently in the charts. It also helps that the television series is showcases something hatke in terms of content which is not your run of the mill saas bahu drama.

This musical drama depicts the journey and struggles of a young girl Kulfi, played by Aakriti Singh Sharma, who is in pursuit of looking for her father Sikander. Although they end up meeting, both are unaware of their real relationship with each other. The bond showcased between the father-daughter duo is something which is loved by many and has the viewers in tears every time.

Just like her famous father Sikander, Kulfi is a gifted singer herself. The struggle to find her father proves to be too much for the young girl with many obstacles laid in her path. But at such times, Kulfi had her own gang of friends who love and protect her every time she finds herself in a difficult situation. And isn’t it just heartwarming to watch!

The remand home kids are a delight to watch. They are the solid support system that Kulfi needs in her life and her friends deliver on that promise every single time.

Every time Kulfi needed to a shoulder to cry on, solve a problem or just to cheer up, her gang of friends had been there for her every single time.

Don’t we all wish for such loyal group of friends?

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