Check out the toughest scenes of Kumkum Bhagya!

Toughest Scenes Of Abhi And Pragya From Kumkum Bhagya 5

Kumkum Bhagya has given a superb variety of heartbreaking scenes in addition to heartwarming moments. While there are shocks and surprises galore, there have been memorable moments that made you smile. The show accomplished 1,500 episodes recently. We have a look and discover a checklist of memorable moments in the present.

This is the recent scene where Abhi and Pragya meet after 20 years by possibly at a development web site. Both hug and cry and ask concerning the daughters they left behind. This is a touching and sad second between them, however, things quickly change as Abhi hurts his head after a slab of cement falls on him.

The biggest twists on Kumkum Bhagya occurred the day Kiara was kidnapped. While Kiara is kidnapped, Abhi and Pragya are each unable to save her and she finally ends up getting murdered.

Not only Abhi-Pragya, Purab, and Disha also come head to head after over 20 long years too. Disha goes to the Mehra Mansion to return the ring on Aliya’s birthday. Disha is shocked and sad when she sees that Purab already has a son with Aliya.

The impact of Kiara’s loss of life sees Pragya and Abhi unable to stay in the same home as one another. Pragya, who was already pregnant at the time of Kiara’s loss of life, gives birth to twins. Abhi takes a daughter and Pragya takes another daughter.

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