Prachee Pathak the noted actress of Udaan is an avid reader and also loves to recite poems written by eminent poets.

Udaan fame Prachee Pathak’s passion for recitation

Talented and versatile actress Prachee Pathak who has been essaying the role of Tejaswini with elan in the long-running Colors show Udaan has been holding on to an interesting passion that keeps her motivated and busy all the time!!

Prachee has a passion of reciting poems in Hindi and is well-read when it comes to Hindi literature.

Says Prachee, “I have been a good reader from my childhood days. And my journey with National School of Drama actually ignited this passion in me. The interest to read and recite came early. And I always look up to the literature books whenever I have time on hand.”

“I like reading books of Amrita Pritam, John Elia, Dharamvir Bharati, Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’. I also like listening to the traditional speaker Shivani, and also have an interest for the Sufi literature,” she adds.

Prachee would want to attempt a role on TV wherein she can use this passion of hers and play a poet.

On her long journey with Udaan, she avers, “It has been a fruitful journey and is still going strong. The show has been popularly watched and I am happy to have been part of it.”

All the best, Prachee!!

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