&TV show Daayan will see huge drama with Aakarsh ending up slapping Viraj when the latter will get too close to Jhanvi. Read details.

Aakarsh to slap Viraj during Holi celebrations in &TV’s Daayan

&TV’s popular show Daayan produced by Balaji Telefilms will see huge drama unfolding during the happy and festive Holi Celebration in Aakarsh’s (Mohit Malhotra) house.

It will be a joyous ambience for Aakarsh and Jhanvi (Tinaa Datta) with them celebrating the festival of colors with their families.

But Viraj’s (Hiten Tejwani) entry will create chaos.

As per the ongoing plot, Viraj believes that Jhanvi is his wife, Kundani Roy and he is doing all that it takes to get her back in his life. On the happy occasion of Holi, Viraj will want Kundani to get back with him to his house. So he will arrive at Aakarsh’s house to take his wife along.

As per a reliable source, “On seeing Jhanvi, Viraj will recollect his happy moments with his wife, and will go forward to kiss Jhanvi. And seeing this, Aakarsh will be agitated and the two of them will have a commotion.”

The outcome of the showdown will be that Aakarsh will slap Viraj.

The sequence will also see Viraj and Jhanvi’s chemistry when they will be tricked into drinking Bhaang thandai by Chandrika. It will be under the effect of the Bhaang that Viraj will come close to kissing Jhanvi.


How will Viraj react to this humiliation?

We buzzed artists but could not get through for comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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