Huge drama coming up in the Colors show.

Aarohi to register her first triumph with Dr. Bhandari’s death in Colors’ Ishq Mein Marjawan

Colors’ popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan (Beyond Dreams) has been going great guns with the revenge story of Aarohi (Aalisha Panwar) getting all the eyeballs!!

With Aarohi getting into the avatar of the house maid Kesari, a lot is being expected of the coming track. And the makers have definitely come up with an intriguing story line to keep the suspense and curiosity factor at its peak.

The coming episodes will see Aarohi getting her first win when she will single-handedly tackle Dr. Bhandari (Ashish Kaul).

Reports are already out of Aarohi being kidnapped by Dr. Bhandari.

We now hear of a riveting track coming the way of the audience, post the kidnap. It will involve the mind games played by both Dr. Bhandari and Aarohi.

We also hear that the culmination of all of this will be the death of Dr. Bhandari. But it is to be seen whether Aarohi will extract valuable information from the man before he breathes his last.

A credible source tells us, “Dr. Bhandari will hypnotize Aarohi and will get the truth out of her about her identity and plans. He will be one up in the game with Aarohi being at the receiving end. He will further threaten to inject a medicine into Aarohi to make her mad. However, Aarohi will bounce back and will put Dr. Bhandari in a situation wherein he will be left in a fix.”

We hear that Dr. Bhandari will have no other way out but to jump off a cliff and kill himself.

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

We hear that the death sequence of Dr. Bhandari is being planned at the moment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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