Aggar Tum Na Hote the Zee TV show produced by Naad Films, Mahesh Pandey Productions and Pixx Entertainment has seen Niyati (Simaran Kaur) trying to find a way out to treat Abhimanyu (Himanshu Soni) by taking the help of Shagun (Riya Soni). However, Shagun seems to have an ulterior motive, a past wound that she is trying to resolve by hurting Abhimanyu and his family. Anand is trying to help Niyati out, and is trying to convince Niyati’s parents of what they are trying to do.

The coming episode will see Niyati going to meet Shagun and talk to her about Abhimanyu’s partial memory loss. However, Shagun will not believe Niyati.

The episode to come will also see Shagun complaining to Abhimanyu about Niyati. Abhimanyu wil end up bringing Shagun home after she will be injured. He will blame Niyati for Shagun’s hurt.

What will Niyati do now?