Aggar Tum Na Hote the Zee TV show produced by Naad Films, Mahesh Pandey Productions, Pixx Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Niyati (Simaran Kaur) taking the brave decision of not marrying Anand (Tushar Chawla), and deciding to accept the love of Abhimanyu (Himanshu Soni).

As we saw, Niyati’s parents tried hard to stop Niyati from taking this drastic decision. But she would not hear to them. Post this, the gauna of Niyati and Abhimanyu happened and she moved to her new home.

The coming episode will see a shocking twist. As we know, Abhimanyu had given himself excessive shock treatment in order to stay under control during Niyati’s wedding. This will have a drastic effect on his mental health. After getting home, when Abhimanyu will get back his consciousness, he will lose his partial memory.

Yes, Abhimanyu will remember his parents, but would have forgotten the entire chapter of Niyati that happened in his life.

Abhimanyu will not recognize Niyati and will question his parents on her identity.


What will Niyati do now?