The show will seen an interesting twist…

Aman to get shocked by Teni’s changed behavior in Dil Se Dil Tak

Colors popular drama series, Dil Se Dil Tak (Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd), is slowly moving towards a major twist in the storyline.

Audiences have last seen Teni (Jasmin Bhasin) risking her life to save Parth (Sidharth Shukla). Now, she will constantly keep thinking about Parth.

In the upcoming episode, Teni will find excuses to come to check on Parth. However, she will be sad to find out that Parth has left for work and is not in town.

Later, Sejal (Himani Sharma) will meet her. Teni will discuss with Sejal about how she feels about Parth. Sejal will tell Teni that she should keep herself busy with other things. Teni will take a cue from that and would thank Sejal.

Furthermore, Teni and Aman (Kunal Verma) will have some fun moments dancing to fun songs. Soon, the song will change into a romantic number and Aman will pull her closer. Teni will become uncomfortable and would shudder. Aman will be puzzled by her behaviour and would ask Shorvori (Rashami Desai) to talk to her about it. Shorvori will later pacify him by saying it could be mood swings because of her pregnancy.

The source further adds that Jalpa (Khyati Keswani) will come for Teni’s checkup. Teni would ask her if there’s something which can also check and remove unnecessary thoughts from her head. Jalpa will tell her that there’s nothing that can relieve her from unnecessary thoughts. Teni would get annoyed at this. Aman will overhear this conversation and would ask her what thought is bothering her.

Will Teni be able to hide her emotions?

The actors were busy shooting.

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