Anami will have a change of heart in the coming episodes in the Star Plus show.

Anami pledges to get ‘justice’ for Vatsalya in Star Plus’ Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

Star Plus’ Rishton Ka Chakravyuh (Rolling Pictures and Taurus Media) will see a huge turning point when Anami (Mahima Makwana) who has been finding way outs  and opportunities to get out of Laal Mahal and go back to Banaras will have a change of mind!!

Yes, in the coming episodes, Anami will decide to stay back in Laal Mahal and find out what’s happening and get justice for Vatsalya (Devarshi Shah), her twin brother!!

As per sources, “After all the DNA drama, it will be proved that Anami is the biological kid of Satrupa (Narayani Shastri). With this, all ways of getting out of Laal Mahal will be shut for Anami. So she will decide to run away without anyone’s knowledge. And she will also act according to her plan and will be on the verge of stepping out of the house, when she will recollect that she has not gone into the room of her twin brother even once.”

Upon entering Vatsalya’s room, she will be shocked to see that her twin brother is the same guy whom she had met in Banaras!! The emotional connect with her twin brother will grow for Anami and she will be deeply saddened with the news of his death.

Recollecting the sweet memories with Vatsalya, she will be determined to get justice for her dead brother, by finding out what exactly happened to him.

Wow!! This development indeed makes the story more interesting…

We buzzed Mahima, but did not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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