Anandibaa aur Emily the Star Plus show produced by Optimystix has seen riveting drama with Emily (Jazzy Ballerini) getting married to Aarav (Mishkat Varma). Anandibaa (Kanchan Gupta) had a choice not to accept the wedding. However, she was rightful enough in accepting it. But she is very upset about getting a foreigner as her bahu. Anandibaa and Emily argued during Emily’s gruhapravesh. Later, Anandibaa put across a few conditions to Emily.

Emily told all in the family that she will stay away from Aarav till the time she is not accepted by the family. With this, Emily’s journey in the house to win the love of Anandibaa will start.

The coming episode will see Anandibaa deciding to do the puja early in the morning before Emily would wake up.  So she will order all in the family to wake up, get ready and assemble by 5 am in the morning for puja. However, Anandibaa will get a shock of her life when Emily will also wake up in the early hours of the morning to fulfil her first responsibility of doing the puja.

Will Anandibaa appreciate this gesture of Emily? Will Emily prove that she is a good bahu?