The entry of Sage Durvasa in Colors’ Karmphal Data Shani will spice up the story line.

Anwar Khan to enter Colors’ Karmphal Data Shani

Colors TV’s magnum opus Karmphal Data Shani, produced by Swastik Productions has managed to win viewers’ hearts with its stellar cast, compelling storyline and larger than life production value. Recently, the team gathered to celebrate the first big milestone with the show completing 100 episodes.

Now, the story progression will see more drama and new characters…

Adding more twist to the life of Shani will be sage Durvasa, an ancient Maharishi known for his immense power of penance and short temper. And to play this role, actor Anwar Khan has been roped as Maharishi Durvasa.

In the upcoming episodes, the introductory sequence of Durvasa will bring about a power shift between the on-going battle between Devas and Asuras. After years of Yagna, Durvasa will get the power to create a weapon which helps an individual to attain supremacy over every entity. After learning Durvasa’s yagna, both the Devas and Asuras will try to convince their respective sides in order to get the upper hand on the other. While Shani will be taking the Devas side for the cause, Rahu will be seen as the Asura’s representative.

Who will Durvasa side with? Gear up for all answers in the show.

Also look forward to the launch of, where you can get all new updates.

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