Sony Entertainment Television’s show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 is churning out the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. As seen so far, Raghav rushes to the site of the worker’s strike in time to save Prachi from getting hurt. However, Prachi insists she won’t leave the site until a solution is found.

Later, Prachi and Raghav camp out at the construction site as it rains heavily. Prachi shares her feelings about Josh with Raghav while they are at the site of the worker’s strike. Meanwhile, Lakhan is worried about Prachi. Lakhan gets frustrated with Josh’s actions and wants to close his chapter for good.

In the coming episode, Josh proposes to Prachi in front of the family. He hugs her and asks her if she will marry him. Prachi remains speechless. But soon, Josh manipulates her, and she agrees to marry him. While Josh gets happy, the family worries for Prachi as they know Josh is not the right guy for her

Will Prachi and Josh marry?

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