Sony Entertainment Television’s show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 is churning the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. In the storyline, Avni gears up for Prachi and Josh’s wedding. She asks Prachi to look into the wedding preparations. However, she informs Avni about her important work project. Avni mentions that the wedding is very important and she should be choosing it over her project. Prachi gives a befitting reply and mentions how important her project is, and she can choose both instead of one.

The Babbar and Kapoor family decide to have a family dinner. The family members come together for dinner before Josh and Prachi’s marriage. Raghav’s brother Kapil makes a grand entry as Kiara’s friend during dinner. His entry upsets Raghav as his relations with his brother are not good.

In the coming episode, it will be revealed that 3 years back, when Raghav was kicked out of the Kapoor house, his family was arrested. While they were going to the jail, an attack was planned by Josh and his team in which Kapil lost his leg. The latter now blames Raghav for the mishap that happened to him. Hence, Kapil maintains distance from his brother. On the other hand, Pihu thinks that LK planned the attack and informs the same to Prachi.

Will Josh get exposed?

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