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Bahu Begum the Colors show will see Shayra getting into a spot of bother with her getting involved in the death of a guy in a car accident.

Bahu Begum: Shayra KILLS a man in car accident

Bahu Begum the Colors show produced by Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films will see huge drama with Shayra (Diana Khan) getting into a major problem.

In an unfortunate accident on the wheels that will happen, Shayra’s car will hit a person on the road and he will die. At the moment when the accident will happen, Shayra will be with Dadi (Alka Kaushal) in the car.

The two of them will be so shocked that they will go to see how the person is and will be taken aback to see that the dead person is Dadi’s servant boy Aladdin.

While Shayra will decide to surrender and accept her crime, Dadi will force her not to do so and will give a plan to bury the body and cover up the accident.


As per a reliable source, “Even when Shayra will not want this to happen, Dadi will force her into burying the body and staying quiet.”

Will Shayra be caught in her act?

We buzzed actors of Bahu Begun but could not get through.

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