Barrister Babu will see a twist with Bondita’s mother coming to see them.

Barrister Babu Spoiler Alert: Anirudh gets shocked on seeing Bondita’s mother

Barrister Babu the popular Colors show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions will see Bondita (Aura Bhatnagar) praying to her Ganesha Bappa for help to stop her bed-wetting habit.

She will be of the thought that Bappa will help her in some way or the other!!

Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) who will be privy to Bondita’s prayers will be surprised to see Bondita’s mother come to their doorstep.

As per a reliable source, “Anirudh will be shocked to see Bondita’s mother. He will be more surprised as she had vowed never to come to their place.”

He will wonder what brings Bondita’s mother here!!

Is Bondita’s mom the saviour for Bondita?

We buzzed actors of Barrister Babu but could not get through.

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