Barrister Babu will see Brijwasi trying to impress Bondita, thereby planning a trap for her.

Barrister Babu Spoiler Alert: Brijwasi to lay a trap for Bondita

Barrister Babu the popular Colors show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions will see Bondita (Aurra Bhatnagar) falling into the trap of Brijwasi.

Brijwasi will tell Bondita that Kanhaji is impressed by her and wants to give her a gift which will be four goats.

Meanwhile, Brijwasi will have a smile on his face and a wicked notion when he will say that he has finally found his ‘bakhra’ in Bondita. Bondita will also ask him how he got to know her desire and whether he had overheard her talking.

What is Brijwasi’s motive? Is he negative?

We buzzed actors of Barrister Babu but could not get through.

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